Community Development Network

“If we build our bridge together,
then we can all get across.”
– Solomon ( Accra, Ghana)


CDN builds knowledge bridges by connecting communities with training, scholarships, and educational resources.

We bolster local partners beside local & international experts to strategize, plan, design & execute programs.

CDN’s toolbox includes many tools: innovative ideas, knowledge-sharing, strategic planning, technical training, in-kind goods, mentoring, and financial support.

We bridge people with resources. CDN focuses on 3 pillars:

4 Pillars

The success of Community Development Network stands on these 4 Pillars



CDN trains Youth Service Ambassadors (YSAs) as ed-tech managers & interns to run community-based learning centers. Peer mentors build skills & networks.


Open Content for Development (OC4D) offers free open educational libraries (K-12, STEM, literacy, business & human rights).
Remix, Reuse, Revise, Redistribute.
Localize it!


Wifi hotspots allow access to user devices (30 to 300+ devices).

Users connect data-free for offline access to onlin content to improve access to content and knowledge that is culture and location-based.

CDNs basic package is a backpack with a Wifi hotspot, portable battery, chrome-book/tablet, and training to allow access in rugged, remote areas.


Our model is agile & iterative. We focus on project-specific feedback or data, giving projects accountability and critical information for decision making.

Projects must “learn fast and adapt as you go with data drivin choices.”

Our team constantly improves our product & process.

Knowledge Worth Knowing Is Worth Sharing

We open access to digital learning tools, best practices & innovative tech solutions. Our library, “Open Content for Development” (OC4D), is free via app, website, or wifi community hot-spot offline  (RACHEL).

Locals Know What Locals Need

CDN works with local champions for acupuncture-style development. We support programs designed by locals for locals.

Gathering Places: All Are Welcome

Our youth-led tech centers offer community-based knowledge sharing. Digital learning tools and 1-to-1 mentoring expand educational & income-generating opportunities. Gather to learn; go out to teach.

Welcome to our community network

Ask about CDN case studies of community development world-wide.