Community Development Network

Building Knowledge Bridges

Community Development Network

Bridging People & Resources

Community Development Network

Building Knowledge Bridges

Community Development Network

“If we build our bridge together,
then we can all get across.”
– Solomon ( Accra, Ghana)


CDN builds knowledge bridges by connecting communities with training, scholarships, and educational resources.

We bolster local partners beside local & international experts to strategize, plan, design & execute programs.

CDN’s toolbox includes many tools: innovative ideas, knowledge-sharing, strategic planning, technical training, in-kind goods, mentoring, and financial support.


We bridge people with resources. CDN focuses on 3 pillars:
(1) Training; (2) Content; (3) Tech Access Points.

Knowledge Worth Knowing Is Worth Sharing

We open access to digital learning tools, best practices & innovative tech solutions. CDN’s library, “Open Content for Development” (OC4D), is free via app, website, or wifi community hot-spot offline  (RACHEL).

Locals Know What Locals Need

CDN works with local champions for acupuncture-style development. We support programs designed by locals for locals.

Gathering Places: All Are Welcome

Our youth-led tech centers offer community-based knowledge sharing. Digital learning tools and 1-to-1 mentoring expand educational & income-generating opportunities. Gather to learn; go out to teach.

Youth Service Ambassadors (YSA): Leading the Way

We focus on YSAs to reach all community members. As inter-generational gurus, our YSAs build bridges to knowledge with tailored tools for elders & youth.

Welcome to our community network

Explore CDN case studies of community development world-wide.

Our case studies are in process of updating. We thank you for your patience. Oct 2021.